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Key Management Skills and How to Practise them in Formal Learning Environment Key Skills of Management The level of skills required for managers may differ according to their respective task within their working enviroment.This again will be depend on organisational culture,systems in place,tecnhology it uses and their operations.But in general,there are certain types of skills can be found as the key skills that one should need to have to be able to manage things better, i.e Self Management Leadership. Communication. Planning & Organisation. Time Management. Team Working. It is important to see how these key management skills can be utilised in learning enviroment to achieve academc success. If the task is to practice these management skills in learning environment, it is important to identify the relationship between management skills and learning skills. Learning Skills ‘Skill is defined as ‘ability to do something well’ (GALLAGHER.K,2010.Skills Development for Business & Management students. New York: Oxford University.p.2) Accordingly it can be defined the ‘learning skills, is your ability to learn the particular subject or task well. Followings can be considered as basic skills one should have to perform well in learning environment; Knowledge (about subject/task) Communication (Reading/Writing & Presentation) Team working Problem solving Time management Critical thinking Self awareness. Now it can be seen that certain skills are common in management as well as in learning such as time management, team working, communication and self management or similarly self awareness. Time Management: Everything we do is time bound. Something considered as important a year ago may not be so important in today’s context.There is no change to this even in learning environment also. It is important to realise that time need to be

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