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Knowledge Management Individual essay Sarah van Koppen Sharing knowledge is an important asset to any organisation, because it will help create a competitive advantage against other organisations. It is all about making the right knowledge available to the right people at the right moment. If you have a company with ten employees, then the knowledge sharing is not that complicated, because all the employees are probably working in the same space and will easily be able to let their colleagues know what they are working on. This approach of sharing knowledge is accessible and easy, but what if sharing knowledge has obstacles and is not so easily accomplished. First of, for the purpose to make the essay clear and make it explainable, I will use a distribution organisation called ‘X’. This is a distribution organisation that has its headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This organisation has two subsidiaries in two different countries, for example in Surinam and Egypt. These two diverse countries are far apart from each, Surinam is located in South America and Egypt in located in Africa. The company has around one thousand employees divided over the three locations. Each of these organisations has locals working in the company in the country in which it is situated. Because of the fact that the organisation is situated in three different parts of the world, it is bound to run into some geographically problems. Well, first there is of course the time difference. The time difference between Surinam and Egypt is six hours (and between Surinam and Amsterdam it is five hours). This distance in time can sometimes cause problems whenever there has to be scheduled a meeting in order for the two locations to share knowledge. If for instance a colleague or CEO wants to contact another colleague, they would have to

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