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The Restoration and eighteenth century period in literature is a dark, discriminative era and time of revolutions. Catholics, especially Irish Catholics, lost their rights in England. The area soon to be known as Great Britain, formed by the unity of Wales, England and Scotland. Discrimination did not just occur in Great Britain. It also was vastly present in her colonies, especially the American colonies. They were unfairly taxed without representation, they did not have as many rights as their British counterparts, and they had governors who were not even from the Americas. So the people of the Thirteen Colonies revolted with the help of the French. When the French gained one of their slim victories over the English after they had helped in the American revolution. The French people had a revolution without the help of the United States. During the revolution the French people stormed the notorious prison called the Bastille and freed the prisoners. It was a bloody and grotesque revolution that the French people won that formed from oppression and hate. The early part of the Restoration period of literature history is not a category that I am vastly familiar with. Some questions I have is why the English have a king that did not speak English? Plus, why did they go through king so fast and why do they not like Catholics. Is this separation of Protestants and Catholics what cause Ireland to be split and not be united even today? In actuality, I would also like to know more about early history and English literature. I want to know what it was like to be in England during the American Revolution. Was it tough? Did the English approve of their government? Did any British citizens try to help the American colonists during the war? I would mostly like to know how they felt that the greatest army in the world had been beaten by a group of American rebel farmers

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