Knowledge on Health Care in African American Community Essay

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To survive, many things are taught to people including don’t start a sentence with “a lot” self learned behaviors or just plain common sense. For example, if you know you have to have money for food, rent, and other basic needs, then you will go out and get a job and make money. Michelle, be careful with your sentences. The second and third ones are not complete If you know that your basic needs and wants are more then you are making then you will go to school get the education you need and get a job that will pay you more money. A lot of people in the urban culture should really look at health in the same way. I would consider deleting the previous sentence – you don’t distinguish in the beginning that urban culture is different from the people you’re talking about. If you know your body needs certain things to remain healthy then take better control of your self like preventative health care. If you are not sure how to do that then go out and get some education that will give you more knowledge to take better care of yourself. The US health care system and health care administrators struggles to meet the needs of educating and serving the African American population. Each day large number of African American people are dying from diseases that could have been prevented or prolong due to simple educations. Who is at blame here, the educators or the ones who need the education? Where are your citations required for APA format? It is try not to start sentences with “it is” important that we find was to educate all, by accessing community organization and our insurance plans that will have more access in reaching this part of our community. Education is the key to life, the more of it that you know, more likely you will exceed in everything you do. Education will provide money in your pocket, healthier longer life, and prevent or prolong any existing

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