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With knowledge, there is no limit to what we can learn. As soon as we are born, we are given all there is to know. Everything from eating and sleeping to doing math problems and driving, we all have the knowledge we need. The only suppression in us doing all of the things we already know is that we have not had that part of our knowledge revealed to us. In our heads, as soon as we are taught certain things, those doors are opened up to us. As long as we have a teacher of something, that part of our brain will become unlocked. Because of this, there are limitless and numerous variations of what we can learn, be taught, and discover. Once we are taught, we can take what we learn and run with it. Making our own observations, tinkering with ideas, inventing new things are all achievable as soon as our minds are opened to it. There are no limitations to what we learn and when we learn. All things can be attainable at any time, as long as we are taught it at the time. The “Bachelors”, “Masters” or “Doctorates” degrees are all just reinforcements that show we know all there is to know as long as we have the opportunity to learn. That is what separates the “Einsteins” from the regular people. Heraclitus’ teaching on fire explains this. He states that fire is constantly changing and has no set shape or form. Because there are thousands and thousands of things we can learn, there will never be one complete person. While we all have the same mental capacity, what we learn and how we interpret is separates and differentiates us from our peers. Every second there will be a different flame in the fire, and the same can be said for human beings. Every time someone learns something new, it opens a new door in their mind. Heraclitus’ fire is constantly changing, and so are the way human’s think. Again, Heraclitus’ teachings also show the way of human knowledge. He states that

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