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What is knowledge? Knowledge is not just a linguistic or social construct as it refers to the capacity, skill and understanding of certain elements and established systems in reality where, by virtue of acquired knowledge, the individual manages to manipulate and utilize for the achievement of his or her own ends according to personality. There are varied definitions on what knowledge is and what 'kind' it comes in as - subjective, objective, general, personal, scientific, religious, academic, philosophical, etc. Perception, cognition - they are complex processes that happen within human beings - they shape our socialization, our identities - they also allow us to perceive, understand, store, utilize and apply knowledge. Knowledge is familiarity, expertise and the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject, an object, an event or an idea. Knowledge can be learned formally (as in schools) or informally (common-sense knowledge). Knowledge can be learned but a kind of knowledge, tacit knowledge, cannot so easily be transmitted by just reading or writing. It requires actual experience and practice to master (i.e. reading about the process of singing cannot guarantee the reader can learn to be a good singer - it requires practice). My personal experiences are based on my clients with behavioral disabilities. Not only have I taught them daily living, appropriate community interactions, proper social interactions. They have shown me that they have no personal barriers when it comes to seeing others disabilities. What I have learned is our society could learn may appropriate social interaction behaviors from those with disabilities. They do not see color, they do not see size, nor to do label each other (that is the girl with bi-polar or he uses a wheelchair). If we could combined our cognitive knowledge with their non-judgmental , free spirit and

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