Knowing Your Audience

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Knowing your audience Communication is an imperative part in our everyday lives, whether we realize that or not. We communicate all the time, now more than ever with all of the new technologies at our disposal. Whether we are texting our friends, skyping a family member or having a conversation with a fellow employee at work, we are communicating. One thing that is often put aside is whether or not we are doing so effectively, knowing our audience and what tone is appropriate to that conversation. One of the biggest factors to look into when conversing, is to evaluate the audience of a given communication. When we are talking to someone we are familiar with such as family or friends, the conversations are usually not too formal, using slang words and using tones that may not be taken the way that they sound. On the other hand of the spectrum, during a conversation at work or with someone you are first meeting, it is important to use the appropriate tone and body language, coming off as pleasant and professional. Knowing your audience can make or break any communication, whether that be a face-to-face conversation, email, meetings or even text messages. For example, in a work meeting you are going to be professional, refraining from the use of any slang words, using great body language and being attentive, composing the professional setting and expectations. During this time, you know the audience’s roles are composed, professional and willing to listen, learn and participate. On the other hand, conversations with families such of those of the minors will have a different feel. The audience of the conversations being held with the families of the trapped minors is going to be individuals who are longing answers, comfort and information in a professional manner. Conversations that pertain to a serious event, such as the trapped minors should be held
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