Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament Book Review

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY BOOK REVIEW KNOWING JESUS THROUGH THE OLD TESTAMENT BY CHRISTOPHER J.H. WRIGHT SUBMITTED TO DR. STEVEN GUEST IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COMPLETION OF OBST-591 B05, BY JASON LOCKE LEESBURG, IN SEPTEMBER 21, 2010 Introduction Reverend Dr. Christopher J. H. Wright, the author of Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament, was born in Belfast, Ireland. He received his doctorate in Old Testament ethics from Cambridge University. He taught in India for five years from 1983-1988 at Union Gospel Seminary and then returned to All Nations Christian College in England to become its’ Principal from 1993-2000. Dr. Wright is now the director of international ministries for the Langham Partnership International (known in the United States as John Stott Ministries). He is an ordained Anglican, and serves on the staff of All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, England. In the book Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament, Wright takes the reader through the Old Testament and shows how it speaks to the person and deity of Jesus Christ. Wright develops the idea that Jesus was not only a Jew but that every aspect of his life was connected to the Old Testament. It is not surprising that Wright would see the Biblical connections to the Old Testament coming from an Anglican background and being an Old Testament scholar. The Anglican background would have enforced the importance of seeing the Bible as a whole. Wright’s doctorate in Old Testament ethics also comes out in his book, and gives him a distinctive approach to the subject of Jesus and the Old Testament, especially in the area of the last chapter dealing with values. This review of Wright’s work will look at several of his points and show how this book gives a deeper understanding of Jesus and the impact of Israel’s

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