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| Hotel Knowledge | Marketing 430 | | Andrew Coleson | 3/14/2010 | | 1. What hotels like Hilton and The Ritz-Carlton are doing is a very daring strategy that could make for some either impressive service delivery or incredible service failure. I personally believe that this strategy will be a successful one. That said, this strategy is not full proof and is contingent on how the customer reacts. Imagine walking into a hotel that you frequent on a yearly basis. You walk in; the front staff knows your name, what room you will be in, who is accompanying you, how many days you will be staying, and any other preferences related to the hotel. On top of that, they know all of this information before you even say a word. To most people, this would seem like extraordinary service experience that really focuses on a personal touch. To some people though, this may feel intrusive and inappropriate. As stated in the article, hotels are to be a “home away from home”, a place with as much privacy as your own home. By monitoring and listening to customers in a stealthy manner, it would be common for people to feel uncomfortable. As stated above, this strategy’s success is founded on the customer and what aspects of their service, they would like to have monitored. In my opinion, the number of customers who will appreciate the service will outweigh those who oppose it. If hotels are going to take such risky approaches to collecting customer data, they must have good reason, which is exactly what they do. The most important motivation for this strategy would have to be to gain a competitive edge. By knowing, what customers want and how they feel, any hotel can gain a competitive advantage through meeting those needs. By having, well-personalized service that helps to solve problems and that offers immediate feedback, hotels can respond faster to the

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