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HAS III Vaessler English 102 1/31/12 Can you ever really know a person? Why or why not? My opinion goes both ways because I believe you can know a person but only to a certain extent. People have different definitions of knowing a person. Some people may know your name, may have also been around you a couple of times, or even went to high school with you; to them that is knowing a person. While others may need a lot more time to get to know a person. When I say a lot I don’t mean a whole week, I mean years. You also have the people that seem like they will never really know a person. I’m the type that believes it takes years to really know someone. I believe it take years to know someone because in my definition to know someone is to trust that that person will do what you expect them to do in certain situations. For instance my aunt knows me so she has no problem allowing me to watch her kids. She knows they will be safe and well taking care of. She know these things because she been around me all my life and my actions give her trust in me that her kids will be safe. Now she wouldn’t have this much trust in a nanny that she don’t really know. Of course she can do a background check and interview the nanny but that will only help her get to know the nanny. With that being said to totally know someone is to totally trust them. Although a person can trust their family or friends that have been around their whole life, it’s always the fact that you don’t know what type of life a person is living when you’re not around them. You can have a sibling that is with you the majority of the time, and all the times you all been together that sibling never stole anything, but when you all not together that sibling is constantly stealing. Now you think your valuables are safe until one day you leave out some valuables that your sibling just can’t turn down so your sibling

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