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Know your employees Michelle Pearson HCA/250 May 27, 2012 Samantha Blakey What does it take to motivate? No matter how small or large the organization is they have to figure out a way to motivate their employees and get the most production while keeping them happy. Organizational health is about integrity—whole, consistent, and complete. Management and supervisors play a big part in influencing an organizational culture. It is the organizational culture that sets the foundation for the company’s management method. According to the book, “The Advantage”, “An organization is healthy ‘when its management, operations, strategy, and culture fit together and make sense’” (The Advantage, Lencioni, 2012, p. 5) It is the obligation of the management to create and sustain a positive culture. The pharmaceutical company in this scenario has established a confrontational management style. While this may be a direct and straight to the point way of managing; it can be difficult for some manager’s to be effective in this style. I have found that working in this culture is very easy. The direction is given and if the work is not done it is addressed. There are some employees that may feel this comes across as rude or offensive but if the supervisor is an effective communicator, this style can motivate employees very well. A strong organizational culture supports employees with a healthy desire for achievement and performance. One of administration’s vital roles in creating an industrious culture would be to motivate employees. A decent leader institutes a healthy and positive culture by motivating employees to execute at a great level, with encouraging open communication, and instituting encouraging authority. It is simple, Leaders lead. In order to inspire workers management should set goals that influence. For example, the goals should appeal to the employee without

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