Know How to Respond Suspected Abuse Essay

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Unit 4: Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care Learning outcome 2: Know how to respond to suspected or alleged abuse Question 2.1: Explain the actions to take if there are suspicions that an individual is being abused. There are several actions to be taken when there is a suspicion of abuse on a vulnerable person and these may include: * Keep calm – when vulnerable person confides with a trusted person over abusive situation one has to remain calm and collected so as to gain more trust from the victim as this will facilitate smooth conversation with the victim * Don’t jump to conclusions or make accusations before investigations are completed as this might end up with incorrect accusations on innocent people. * Give the person the chance to talk. Take time to listen to them. This aspect will make the victim more confident hence tell the whole story. * Avoid asking to many unnecessary questions as this may frustrate the victim if they end up thinking that they are not believed. Record any questions you ask. * The victim may want confidentiality about the abuse. Always ask what the victim wants to happen and never make promises you can’t keep. Explain that there might be need to share the information only to people who need to know. * If the person has physical signs or injuries try and ensure they are seen by a qualified medical practitioner (e.g. doctor or nurse) * Preserve any other evidence that may be available * Write down what was said, where it was said and who was there; include any questions you have asked. * Record any physical signs or injuries using a body map or hand drawing. Write a description of any physical signs or injuries including size, shape, colour etc. * Always remember to sign and date your notes and any other records you have made

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