Knights Of The Round Table Essay

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Persons Represented Antigone - Tig Ismene - Izzy Creon - Judge Creo Teiresias - Tyrese Eurydice - Dee Dee Haimon - Damon Eteocles - Theo Polyneices - Nicky Oedipus - Eddie Choragos - Bailiff Sentry - Police Witness Messenger - Prison Guard 1 [This adaptation takes place in a ghetto in Detroit. As in the original version, Antigone buries her brother who’s burial has been refused as an example. However, in this she’s been arrested and taken to court, which, of course, puts her in jail where she ultimately kills herself. Prologue [Enter Tig and Izzy Tig: Izzy, did you hear what happened after Daddy died? Izzy: Girl, you know I was in jail. I ain’t hear nothin’. Tig: Daddy was right. Nicky and Theo are dead. They gunned each other down during the war. Izzy: Between the Aces and T-Dubs? Tig: Mm-hmm. Out in front of the Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs projects. But get this; Theo’s best friend in the gang was my fiance, Damon. His dad’s a judge who wants to end gang wars all over the state by setting Nicky up as an example. He got a law passed so that Nicky’s body isn’t allowed to be buried. They just left it in an open lot to be food for strays! He says if we bury it we’ll be sent to jail for at least a year. So what’cha gonna do, Iz? Izzy: Tig, you must be out your dang mind. You know full well I already have two strikes. I’m not goin back there again. Tig: But we have to bury him! Izzy: Look, Tig, I know family is important--it’s all we have left--but I can’t go back to jail for the rest of my life. Besides, on the outside, we’re the only one’s left. Everyone else is either dead or in jail. Tig: Fine don’t help me. I’ll do it all on my own Izzy: I won’t tell anyone, but I’m tellin you now; this looks pretty bad, girl. Darn near impossible. Tig: [under her breath] Maybe Eddie’s not your daddy. [out loud] Tell anyone, Iz. In fact,

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