Knights in Everyday Life

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Essay #2 “The Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer. 16. Which character best delves into the human condition? Knights in Everyday Life In the poem “The Canterbury Tales”, by Geoffrey Chaucer, there are many characters that reveal the human condition. The character that best delves into the human condition is “The Knight”, characterized by true principles and an honorable attitude. His actions are definitely taken from real men or women that posses gumption and emanate heroic traits through their life. Everyday people out there are told to be a perfect-gentle knight, facing any odds without been afraid, “fighting” to death for their glory and people with “truth, honor, generousness and courtesy” in any situation involved for a important cause. These knights seem to be everywhere: in a classroom, in an office, in our home, they are there for us anytime or we can be those knights too. Just as the character fought his battles around the world as in Lithuania, Russia, North Africa, Egypt; there are doctors, engineers, and teachers that offers their help in countries where they are not enough resources and conditions for the people to enjoys for a good health and education. They offer their knowledge and moral values to a cause without asking for nothing back, they just do it for personal glory and success. They are of “sovereign value in all eyes” because many persons are not capable to do this kinds of actions for souls that are unknown for their and create an international friendship when the Knight “ had embarked with many a noble host” with the fights he had around the world creating peace. It is certain that members of our community that stand out like a bright star in the dark, which uses the light for make the way clear

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