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Discuss your activities (other than academic work) during the last several years. You can say I'm a very busy person, between school, work, friends or community gatherings. One of my favorite things to do is help people. One of the activities I enjoy doing outside of school is volunteering with Special Olympics. I have a 19 year old brother with a disability and when he started Special Olympics I joined with him a year later. The kids I work with are so inspirational. I feel like they can look up to me, but I can also look up to them. Their so much fun to be around and can make anyone’s day. Whenever I’m around them I can’t help but to have a smile on my face. Special Olympics in Lebanon County have a variety of sports kids or any age can enjoy with a disability. Everyone fits in and no one is left behind! Volunteering with Special Olympics for the past 4 years has opened my eyes to going further with special education in college. Working with this type of people has definitely gave me a new outlook on life and showed me that I can be someone’s role model. Another activity I enjoy doing is helping out my church. I go to a small church in town called the Lebanon Gospel Center and they do so much for the community. Every Saturday night there is a community dinner and on holidays they have free holiday dinners. I like to help clean or set up the church to get ready for the gatherings. Helping out the less fortunate in my community makes me feel good about myself and makes me realize how good I really do have it. I’ve learned that a lot of us do take life for granted and sometimes we just need to sit back and realize how we can help those who need it. I can guarantee you’ll feel 100 times better about

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