Knee Jerk Reflex Sign Essay

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Eyes and Ears And Reflexes, Cutaneous receptors, Referred pain [pic][1] December 5, 2008 Introduction Reflex arcs are the pathways from the muscle fiber to the spinal cord. They act as a go-between for your reflexes. The Arcs involve a receptor, an afferent nerve fiber, sometimes one or more interneuron, an efferent nerve fiber, and an effector.[2] Without these pathways we would have no quick “life saving” reflexes. One example would be a situation in which your nerve signals to the spinal cord to withdraw your hand from a stove eye. There are five groups of reflex arcs: ipsilateral, contralateral, monosynaptic, intersegmental, and the polysynaptic. They are explained as follows: Ipsilateral reflex arc in which the sensory input and motor output are on the same sides of the spinal cord such as the acoustic stapedious, the contralateral reflex arc in which input and output on opposite side of the spinal…show more content…
This is the correct reaction to this test. The extensor muscles of the thigh contracted while the flexor muscles relaxed allowing this action. In the absence of this reflex it could mean an abnormality of the reflex arc used for this reaction. The Ankle Jerk Reflex resulted in plantar extension causing the foot to extend back. In this case if the reflex is absent it could mean that diabetes, diseases of the peripheral nervous system, pyramidal tract disease, or hyperthyroidism affect the patient.[4] The Cutaneous reflex caused the toes to curl. It was a bit difficult to do this experiment because it tickled. The Two-point threshold experiment resulted in different observations between my partner and me. I was more accurate in almost all the responses. The best accuracy occurred in the palm and finger tips for both of us. I was more accurate on the back of the neck although it was a lot more difficult to recognize the different

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