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ZHANG SHUO AUIA1032016 Professor Hamilton Paper 1 History of Art 4/7/2014 Honestly, as an actuarial science student, I’ve never taken such a course that involving huge amount of reading assignment because all I did before are about math and statistics and I don’t have to read historical materials. But I really enjoy doing this assignment for opening a new door about arts and philosophy for me. This week, I’ve learned the development of western arts through Prehistoric, Greek, Roman and Byzantine art. Then, I will talk about how they represent the formal of arts about human body and how the representations of human bodies change through these four eras. Firstly, I’d like to talk about how prehistoric artists present the art of human body. Woman of Willendorf is a perfect example to study. Clearly, the blurry face shows that facial features are not important. It doesn’t have feet and doesn’t rest on its own but has pendulous breast and bellied tummy so that it may be a figure of pregnant. Why artist in that era wanted to sculpture a pregnant woman? The answer must be obvious, because they did care about the successful birth. Therefore, Woman of Willendorf shows the people lived in prehistory appreciated about pregnant woman,reproduction and childbirth. Then, I’m going to the Greek period to see how the formal shifts in that period. Greek art is the ancestor of western art including civilization, architecture and sculpture. There were huge amount of sculptures about human body in Greek era. A nude bronze man dating to about 460 BCE is one of them. It may be Zeus or Zeus’s brother Poseidon. We lost its weapon and are not sure whether it is trident or thunderbolt. The bronze sculpture opens its arms, left hand extends forward and raises right hand. It seems like the man pay all his attention on hunting its preys. I think it is not just a sculpture about a

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