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TABLE OF CONTENTS PART I: DEFINITIONS AND DISTINCTIONS 1.1. Literature and Literary Study 1.2. The Nature of Literature 1.3. Literary Theory, Criticism, and History 1.4. General, Comparative, and National Literature PART II: CONTEMPORARY LITERARY THEORY AND THE READING OF LITERATURE 2.1. The Reality – The Image – The Author Relationship 2.2. The Author – The Literary Work – The Reader Relationship 2.3. Literary Criticism 2.4. Why Is Literary Theory Necessary? PART III: LANGUAGE – THE MEDIUM OF LITERATURE 3.1. Introduction to Language as the Medium of Literature 3.2. Meanings of Linguistic Units 3.3. Connotation in the Word’s Dictionary Meaning (A) Words of Literary Stylistic Layer (Standard English). (B) Words of Non-Literary Stylistic Layer. (Sub-Standard English) 3.4. Denotation and Connotation in Other Verbal Communication. 3.5. Denotation and Connotation in Imaginative Literature (A) – Connotative Function of Speech – Sound Clusters (B) – Connotative Functions of Grammar Categories (C) – Connotative Function of Word Stylistic Reference i. Speech Characterization ii. Epoch Characterization 3.6. Style PART IV: LITERARY TEXT AS POETIC STRUCTURE 4.2. Verbal and Supra-verbal Layers of the Literary Text 4.2. Principles of Poetic Structure Cohesion (A) Principle of Incomplete Representation (B) Principle of Analogy and Contrast (C) Principle of Recurrence PART V: MACRO-COMPONENTS OF POETIC STRUCTURE 5.1. Literary Image 5.2. Theme and Idea 5.3. The Plot and Its Elements 5.4. Dramatic Structure 5.5. Plot Structure and Literary Time 5.6.

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