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PART B Executive Summary This report will analyse Little & Klein’s performance in completing the Funland IPO project by assessing its key performance indicators and budget. The key factor for the success of this project is to closely monitor the hours spent per month on the IPO as well as correctly allocating the work to the planned classes of labour. Any deviation from these budgeted figures will be at a loss for Little & Klein as their income is fixed to their budget. KPI |KPI |Appropriateness | |Total Hours per Month |This KPI is specifically linked to a desired outcome or goal of Little & Klein and that| | |is to meet its budgeted hours of work per month. This outcome has been clearly defined| | |through the budget for this project and should be understood by staff. | | | | | |The KPI is easily measurable as the amount of hours each employee allocates on the | | |Funland IPO should be available on demand using sources such as timesheets. | | | | | |This KPI will effectively monitor the productivity of the staff assigned to the | | |project. If the KPI reports a lack of efficiency due to more hours worked on the | | |project than budgeted then management can action methods of

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