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Petruzziello 1 Alexia Petruzziello Mr. Giordano U.S. History L2 5.28.13 The Rockin’ 80s Since the 1950s, the rock music genre has been most popular and influential to society and culture; it became a way of life. It was shaped by other musical traditions such as classical, electronic, and gospel music as well as others. To many, rock music was distasteful and unchristian. They believed that listening to it would increase the rate of people doing drugs and having sex due to the fact those were the topics discussed in the lyrics of that genre.[1] The rock music popularity had then decreased as the years went by, however, the music remained. In the 1980s, that’s when “money rose to power and talent took a back seat”[2] During that era, it was all about presentation. The way artists looked and portrayed themselves to the public was key and how they kept the fans interested, as well as their creative music. From the 80s to this day, rock music lives on as one of the most popular music genres in the music category. This type of music has always had a specific contribution to society. Due to this rock n’ roll sound, it impacted and influenced daily life, fashion, attitudes, language, and media. People would start to act as if they were a rock star themselves and would try to become an exact replica of the artists. They would attempt to live like those whom are famous in order to feel as though they fit in or are accepted into the community. Fans of all ages would copy the singers or bands and dress in the same types of clothing and get the same hairstyles; “rock n’ roll had woven itself into the natural fabric of American lifestyle”[3]. People would start acting the way the music sounded: loud, crazy and extreme. People would start doing the things the lyrics described such as sex and drugs. People began to speak the way the songs portrayed: vulgar and rude.

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