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Site menu • Main News • Teacher's Secret • Improving grammar skills • Articles • Blogs • Essays • Audios • Videos • Photo Projects • Group's Project ... • Interpreting Fiction • Forum • About Us • Student's Resear... [pic] Login form Log in via uID [pic] A Rose for Emily A Black Rose for Emily The story "A Rose for Emily” deals with many different themes and conflicts. First of all we should make out the plot of this very story. It starts with the death of the main heroine – Emily - and only then the author explains to us who Emily is. So she is a young girl who was loved by her father and brought up in a very strict way. She has never had any admirers and after the death of her father her destiny is probably just to become a spinster and get old alone in her big house. But one day she meets Homer Barron – a foreman from the North. The author introduces him as a very handsome, strong man with beautiful eyes; he has good sense of humor, people like him very much and some girls would also like him to be their husband but he is interested in Emily. And though he looks pretty nice, people in the town regard him as a poor man so for Emily, a woman who belongs to a noble family, he is probably not the best choice. But she can live with that and one day when she feels that he wants to leave her she simply can’t imagine her life without him anymore. She does not want other people to judge her, to gossip and think that she will live alone for the rest of her life. So Homer Barron disappears by accident. And we do not get any information about this man anymore; people just continue thinking that Emily and Homer live happily. As for Emily, then she just gets older, her hair turns to be steel grey, she does not talk much. She sometimes lives the house but comes back soon. Forty years pass, Emily dies

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