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With every passing day, productivity assumes an all-encapsulating aspect, with virtually no dimensions to gauge it accurately. Matters are at such a stage that manufacturers have to now look at what would earlier be considered inconsequential and fine-tune them to plug every possible gap. Even the layout of a shop floor is critical in that the path followed by a product in assembly does not deviate from the programmed optimal. The ensuing article looks at techniques to improve layout, so that movement of men and material is monitored and a final decision arrived at as to which the best placement of men, machines and material is. It is actually a direct reproduction of Chapter 5 Part II of an Action Manual compiled and edited by Juan Carlos Hiba and titled' Improving Working Conditions and Productivity in the Garment Industry'. | | | | |Three Techniques | |For Improving Your layout | | | |The String Diagram | |One technique for studying and improving the displacement of workers and materials is the string diagram. See figure 1 in this | |section. It is a scale plan or model on which a thread is used to trace and measure the path of workers, materials or equipment | |during a specified sequence of events. Thus, it is a sort of flow diagram in which a string or thread is used to measure |

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