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The course of study, or curriculum, at LCS provides the central avenue by which students are led to Biblical wisdom.   Ours differs from a non-Christian school in at least three major respects, including:

1. The curriculum in this school reflects and displays God's dynamic design for the universe.   All subjects must be understood, not simply as cultural products or human inventions, but as determined by God's work of creation.   It is our intent to open eyes and minds and hearts, not merely to an understanding of the world as described in textbooks, but also to the marvelous plan and design of God's creation.

2. The curriculum at LCS emphasizes divinely-ordained interrelatedness.   The Lord did not create a chaotic, disjointed world.   On the contrary, the universe, even after the Fall, continues to display astounding coherence and harmony. Since the components of the curriculum focus on dimensions of one coherent, God-ordained universe, we attempt to help our students become sensitive to the wonderful unity and diversity in God's creation.

3. The LCS curriculum is designed to prepare students for wisdom.   The primary reason for teaching subjects and skills is not to mold students into solid citizens or prepare them for successful careers, important as these goals may be.   Rather, this Christian school seeks to develop wise and responsible disciples of Jesus Christ.   Students will sense God's order, design, and presence and they will learn and gain a better understanding of God’s plan and what to do to counteract the forces of sin and evil.

Reading, writing, literature, mathematics, social studies, science, Bible, penmanship, health, music, art and physical education are all part of the regular academic program.   In addition, there are field trips for all students, and a number of electives for the upper elementary/junior high students, including: choir, band, computers, drama, home economics, foreign language, study skills, etc....

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