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Nursery world ‘Free schools to double this month’ ‘Nursery World’ The article I read about in the Nursery World was about free schools double this month. It says that 93 more of government flagship education institutions set up to open this term. 13 studio schools will be offering vocational focus including early years training. I think that this is a brilliant idea as they will be offering many different courses to help benefit children ages 14-19 years. 174 secondary schools and primary schools are state funded and have local authority control run by teachers or other individuals. I think this is a really good idea because members of the other schools are getting involved. I also really like the idea of this because its allowing children from 14-19 year olds to have an experience in childcare and education and will give them an insight in childcare life. Unit 7 Health Visitor Health visitors are UK community health nurses who have undertaken further training to work as part of a primary health care team. As their name suggests, their role is to promote mental, physical, and social well-being in the community by giving advice and support to families in all age groups. Limited resources and staff within the NHS have traditionally meant that their work has been focused on childhood development, but the scope to expand their roles is slowly improving. The Healthy Child Programme published in October 2009 influences the service available to families. It is presented in three key documents: The First Five Years, The Two Year Review and The Healthy Child Programme for 5-19 year olds. They help a mother before and after she has had a baby. Health visitors have taken further training to help promote mental, physical and social well-being by helping to support families off all ages in the community. Staff that

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