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“Hewlett-Packard: The flight of the Kittyhawk” What are some reasons for the market failure of the Kittyhawk? Could HP have avoided such a failure and how? Why did HP make some critical errors in the commercialization of the Kittyhawk? The most important reason for the product failure was a mistake in the approach to the development team. The HP management didn’t control the team as they should have done. The Kittyhawk developers had too much confidence. The budget was more than sufficient, so they didn’t need to prove their rightness from time to time in order to get additional funding. There ware also too many things to be done by just one group of employees: product development, market researches, search for and negotiations with the potential buyers of the product. In a situation when the market for this product even didn’t exist - there was a big lack of internal control which could be provided by other groups if the tasks had been distributed among them. The team leaders neglected the results of independent market research (or didn’t pay enough attention to it) which led to nowhere. At this stage there should have appeared an idea that probably they target the wrong market. The team was too concerned with their own too much optimistic ideas. They made the wrong choice when decided to enter the PDA market. There should have been done a total research of the other most important technologies which the PDA success depended on. So the result was that when their product was ready, the other technologies were insufficiently developed for the PDA’s immediate take-off as they expected it before. At the same time they neglected the opportunity of the Kittyhawk promotion within HP for some of the existing products. Being a part of such large corporation they could make their product with the features which suited the other company’s divisions such as

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