Kitts Essay

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For my career zone analysis, I chose social first (working with people to inform, train, help, enlighten, or cure them), then investigative (jobs with people who like to learn, observe, investigate, analyze, evaluate, or solve problems), and lastly realistic (jobs requiring athletic or mechanical ability, working with objects, plants, animals, machines, tools, or being outdoors). Social was my first priority because I love being around people, and I would never want a job where I work alone because I feel that I would get bored, and I am much more happy when I am doing things with others than when I am doing them by myself. The investigative option appealed to me because I think that it is really interesting to be given a problem and then to dig deep to find the answer. I like to find the answers to things that are not necessarily obvious and that require a lot of investigation and thinking because the feeling of tackling the obstacle given and reaching a solution is so rewarding. Lastly, I chose realistic because it seemed more fitting than the rest of the options, and because I like to be outdoors and to work hands on with things, but I do not know if I would want to apply these things to my career. The jobs that came up specifically for the combination Social, Investigative, and Realistic were jobs mostly in the medical field, such as physician assistant, respiratory therapists, dietetic technicians, chiropractors, emergency medical technicians and paramedics, and physical therapists. Also, there was an equal amount of recommended jobs in education, such as chemistry teachers, biological science teachers, anthropology teachers, economics teachers, special education teachers, secondary school teachers, and educational, vocational, and school counselors. The job that most appealed to me out of the recommended options from my survey was the physical therapist
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