Kite Runner - How Private Information Affects Others

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No important information is ever entirely private. The details and words may be private however the story told nearly always affects others. Kahed Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner, demonstrated how private information, without being made public, can affect others. If an individual holds back knowledge about family, the family members will be disadvantaged prior to the problems being fixed. When information regarding a friend is held back, this person will be harmed unless the principal concerns are resolved. If an individual refuses to divulge information relating to themself from others, people can be marred in the process, until the process is halted through a resolution. When a person represses important information, others are hurt, until the underlying issues are resolved. If pertinent information concerning family is withheld from others, the family is impaired, until the principal concerns can be solved. In the novel, two families lived inside of a single home, two boys and two adults. The young boys were close friends but the simple and linear truth was that Ali was Baba’s servant to take care of the household chores. Derogatory treatment of Hassan was common, even asking him such questions as “[Would you] eat dirt if I told you to” (54). Baba was not fully aware of how Amir treated his servant’s son and he would have been angry if he knew, since Baba was one of few people aware that Hassan and Amir were actually brothers. Baba was the biological father to both sons, and told neither of them. He hid the fact from Amir and Hassan in order to protect them. He knew at a young age they would not be able to be aware that they must hide this family connection from others, since Baba cannot have citizens in the community knowing that he did not preserve the sanctity of marriage. Baba was aware of all of this and determined that these reasons were a strong enough

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