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Christopher Seifert 1English 1BKite Runner Essay2/21/07 The Universal Sin The dictionary defines sin as a transgression of theological principles; one can thenassume that sins of a society are based on their own theology. In essence, sins are not sins unlessyour society believes they are. Because each culture or society in the world revolves around itsown theological structure, a universal definition of sin is difficult to formulate. In The KiteRunner, Baba, the main character¶s father introduces the idea that there is a universal definitionof sin when he warns his son, Amir, that ³there is only one sin, only one. And that is theft, everyother sin is a variation of theft.´ (Hosseini 17). To help display this concept, author KhaledHosseini utilizes three sins: murder, lust and greed to convey the correlation between all sins andthe universal sin of theft.Considering that the definition of theft is the stealing of ones property, and you believekilling someone is stealing their life; murder would then be characterized as a form theft. To better understand the correlation, Baba explains to Amir ³When you kill a man, you steal a life,you steal his wife¶s right to a husband, rob his children of a father.´(Hosseini 18). Here, Babamakes his point clear that murder can be described as a derivative of theft. The effects of or theoutcome of a murder is what defines it as theft. Hosseini represents murder with the character Assef, a violent predator the author introduces early in the book. Assef admits, through Amir¶sdepiction, that his mission is ³Stoning adulterers? Raping children? Flogging women for wearinghigh heels? Massacring Hazaras? All in the name of Islam?´(Hosseini 284). Assef is admittingthat in his culture it is alright to murder if it is in the name of Islam. After all the incidents between Amir and Assef we really understand that Assef is the most atrocious
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