Kite Runner Essay

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The Kite Runner: Study Guide Please fill in the answers below and cite the page number where you found the information. In addition, in order to prepare for the tes t, you s hould review all of the VOCABULARY lis ted on the webpage. Any of the words may be us ed on the tes t. You will have to match the word with the phras e that bes t defines the word. We will dis cus s which words are likely to be on the tes t as we get clos er to the tes t date. You s hould als o know all of the CHARACTERS lis ted on the webs ite. There will be a s ection on the tes t where you will have to match a quotation from the novel with the character that s aid it. You may want to know if thos e characters go by more than one name, have a married name, or us e an alias or nickname. Chapter 1 1. Much of the book is a flas hback. In what month and year does the narrator begin telling the s tory? December 2001. 2. In what city does the narrator now live? San Francis co, California. Becaus e Amir goes walking in Golden Gate Park on the firs t page of the book. Chapter 2 3. In which mos t affluent dis trict of Kabul did Baba build the mos t beautiful hous e? Wazir Akbar Khan dis trict. 4. Who is in the picture of the hunting trip Baba’s has hanging on the living room wall? King Nadir Shah 5. Is Has s an older than Amir? Explain how you know this . Amir is older than Has s an, becaus e he s ays he remembers Has s an being born and than Has s an us ed the s ame nurs e as Amir had us ed. 6. Why don’t the boys ’ mothers appear in the s tory? Amir's mother died in child birth and Has s an's mother ran away to be a dancer a week after he was born. 7. Find a des cription for each of Has s an’s parents . Has s an's mother Sanaubar, ran away with a group of s ingers and dancers a week after he was born. She was young and beautiful. His father Ali, lives with him and has been a s ervant all of his life

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