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Tragedy in Hamlet (Excerpts from Miller) Tragedy is something that is and has often been the central theme for stories and may very well be viewed as an archetypal plot. From the very early days of human history, in Sanskrit, Hebrew, Latin, and English literature, tragedy has been the central focus for authors and poets the world over. In fact, many great philosophers including Aristotle amongst others have gone into great depth of speaking about tragedy in plays, saying that it is the hero's tragic flaw that eventually leads to demise. However, many times in the past, it was the more powerful of society who went through tragedy, but as Arthur Miller said in the 40s, “the common man is as apt a subject for tragedy in its highest sense as kings were” (Miller, 2). This quote has great relevance to the play Hamlet by Shakespeare specifically to the life stories of Ophelia who faced major tragedy, as well as Laertes who was another common person to face tragedy later on. Evidently however, from Arthur's essay, it would be Ophelia who faced the greater tragedy compared to Laertes. According to Miller's argument, he says: "I believe that the common man is as apt a subject for tragedy in its highest sense as kings were." (Miller) Clearly, Ophelia was one of the 'common men' who faced the tragedy as much as Hamlet did in the play. Her life was laid down for what she thought was injustice being done to her. She was constantly being pressured by society, and given an inferior role to men in her society. For example, Laertes and Polonius, her own family did not believe in her and thought that her sole purpose in life was to be a clean wife, and a mother. She was not really given an important role in life by Laertes and Polonius, a point Shakespeare was clearly trying to emphasize. It was a problem of that time that women could not make their own decisions and

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