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The Kite Runner – Psychological Approach Family as Matrix of Identity: Not a single event is the cause for a problem in growing up, but the emotional process, which a person or a frienship live trough. In “The Kite Runner” the important event for Amir’s emotional process is the rape of Hassan. Amir sees, that Assef and his friends want to take the kite away from Hassan, but he refuses, because he ran the kite for Amir and he wants to give it to him. As punishment, Assef rapes Hassan in front of the others. Amir follows the hole situation from his hiding place, but he is paralized and disabled to intefere, because he’s afraid of getting hurt by Assef. Amir runs away to a save place. As he sees Hassan returning, he who act as if nothing have happened. In the following time, Amir has huge feelings of guilty, because he didn’t help Hassan. As consequence of this, he stays in his room for long time and he avoids talking with Hassan. One day, Amir asks Hassan to go up the hill with him, because he wants to read him a new story he has written. But instead of reading the history, Amir begins to hit Hassan with pomegranates. “I hit him with anonther pomegranate, in the shoulder this time. The juice splattered his face. “Hit me back!” I spat. “Hit me back, goddamn you!” I wished he would. I wished he’d give me the punishment I craved, so maybe I’d finally sleep at night. Maybe then things could return to how they used to be between us.” Amir wants, that Hassan hit him back with an pomegranate, but he doesn’t. I think, that Amir wants to be hit by Hassan with pomegranates, because he wanted that his feelings of guilt and his nightmares disapears. This seems to be very egoiste, but I think, that with the disparation of Amir’s feelings of guilt and his nightmares also the relation between Amir and Hassan would improve. But Amir is uncapable to talk

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