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The Kite Runner Assignment Part: 3 Escape to- or in- America? 1. How is Baba's bravery and sense of decency revealed in the flight from Kabul? Baba's bravery and decency revealed when Baba saved the Afghani married women from the Russian soldier who wanted to spend half-an-hour with the lady. Baba stepped up for the women and told that he would take a thousand bullets to let this indecency take place. He cannot see anything wrong happening to women which shows how decent he is. 2. "Baba loved the idea of America. It was living in America that gave him an ulcer."(132) ) Do you feel this idea of "beginning over" is part of the immigrants view of America? a) What is the "idea" of America referred to in this quote? b) Is there any discrepancy between the way immigrants may view America and the 'real' America? a)"The idea of America" is referred to as the fleeing to America. Baba wants to go to America because Afghanistan now is in trouble and Baba does not want Amir to see thing that should not be seen by a small boy. b) Yes, there is a huge difference between the way immigrants view America and the 'real' America. Baba thought that America will be safe for him and Amir and it would be really easy to adjust there, but actually Baba dint want to go to America as he missed his old Kabul life which made him proud of what he was in Kabul. Baba just came to America for the sake of Amir for he thought he gave a gift to Amir when they were in America and for Baba it would be something that he would have to suffer for Amir. 3. a) Amir 'embraces' America because it is "someplace with no ghosts, no memories, and no sins."(144). Is Amir right to feel he can leave his past behind? b) Do you feel this idea of "beginning over" is part of the immigrants view of America? Discuss. a)No, I don't think that Amir should feel that he can leave his past behind. Because wherever

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