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The Kite Runner Essay 2: “I wanted to tell them all that I was the snake in the grass, the monster in the lake.” ‘Despite being consumed with guilt Amir continues to withhold his ‘secrets’ from others’. How does this affect your view of Amir? Remember. This topic has a quote and two parts to the question. ------------------------------------------------- Short answer/Central argument: Amir says this as he knows this is Hassan’s final sacrifice for Amir. Ali and Hassan are leaving because Amir lies and Hassan takes the blame. He ‘wanted’ to tell the truth, but he makes the choice not to. This ultimately positions the reader to feel unforgiving of Amir’s lies and betrayal of his childhood friend. His life is a web of lies and deceit in some form or another and the reader is set up to view Amir negatively. 1. * Amir’s inability to accept accountability or own up to his ‘past’ reaffirms his weakness in character. * Spends most of his life escaping the sins of his past which leads him to shame himself and with hold secrets. * Ultimate sin was the betrayal of Hassan, letting him get raped, then displacing Ali and Hassan from their home with Baba. * Overcome by his guilt, he wants Hassan gone. Contextualise the quote. * Therefore, by not owning up to his wrong doings, he is forced to keep it a secret. 2. * Amir and Baba immigrate to America where Amir sees this as a chance to hide the secrets of his past, ‘America was a place to bury my memories’. * He claims in a rare moment of truth that ‘(he) didn’t want to sacrifice for Baba anymore. The last time I had done that I had damned myself.’ (117 / 125) * Amir demonstrates that he won’t accept responsibility for his actions and blames Baba for his betrayal of Hassan. After all, securing the kite was to win Baba’s affections. It is here the reader agrees that Amir is ‘the snake

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