Kirchner v. Shooters On The Water Inc. Case Br Essay

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Introduction Kirchner v. Shooters on the Water is a case that involves the death of an intoxicated minor who attended a party and a bar the same evening he passed away. Paul Kirchner the father of the decedent brings a suite claiming the wrongful death of his son can be directly linked to the parties who facilitated his consumption of alcohol. Throughout this case the reader will be given the opportunity to examine various statutes that help determine liability in the state of Ohio. Since this is a case that is being appealed by the administrator (Paul Kirchner) it is necessary to understand that the defendants presented enough evidence to receive a summary judgment by the trial court in the initial trial. Facts This particular case is one that revolves around the concept of wrongful death and liability. In this particular case a 20 year-old male was consuming alcoholic beverages both at a party and at Shooters on the Water, a bar located in Ohio. When the 20-year-old male left the premises he was intoxicated. It was at this point that he walked out on to a dock that was next to the bar and fell into the water. As a direct result of the incident the intoxicated party drowned. The decedents father brought actin against the bar claiming an action of wrongful death. Additional Facts - Prior to arriving at Shooters on the night of August 5, 2000 the plaintiff [Kirchner] and his friends had attended a Hawaiian Luau party. - The party was held at the home of the defendants Gabrielle, Michael and Judith Miller in Wickliffe Ohio. - The plaintiff and his friends remained at this party for several hours while consuming beer and vodka Jell-O shots. - While at the party the plaintiff and his friends decided to go to shooters. Kirchner and his friends left the party and drove to the bar at approximately 1:15am. - Shooters is a restaurant bar located on the West

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