Kinship System of the San’s

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Kinship System of the San’s Name ANT 101 Instructor Date Kinship System of the San’s Outline 1. The kinship system of the San of Southwest Africa a. How long they lived in Southwest Africa b. Where they live in Africa 2. The San’s community c. What the San gather to eat d. Sharing of food e. How they make houses 3. Conflict among San f. Reason a conflict might happen 4. Social Organization g. Marriage h. Divorce 5. Conclusion 6. References Kinship System of the San’s Name ANT 101 Instructor Date Kinship System of the San’s I am writing this research paper with the hopes that it gives a better understanding to the kinship system and the way of life for the San of southwest Africa. I will tell you about the ways of their communities, the way they act and how they think on social organization within their close net community. I would like to start by informing you on where they live in and for how long they have lived there. The San are a foraging community that has lived in southwest Africa for thousands of years. It is better known as a marginal environment, with the name Kalahari Desert. The San are best-known for their hunting and gathering of food in the modern world today. The San have even been called “Bushman” for this reason. Many people will not live in the Kalahari Desert because of the lack of food supply and barriers caused by the environment. San communities have a diet primarily of “nuts, fruits, melons, and berries that are gathered by the women in the community. The women are the primary gatherers and are responsible for contributing nearly 80 percent of the San diet. Men, the hunters, provide the remaining 20 percent of the diet in the form of meat.” (Nowak, B., & Laird, P. (2010). The San’s only hunt

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