Kinship in Yanomamo

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Kinship in Yanomamo Lindsey Barton Michelle McBrady 5/27/13 Kinship in Yanomamo In South America there is a tribe known as the Yanomamo as known as the “Tropical Forest Indians”. The Yanomamo tribe’s environment is the rainforests and mountains of northern Brazil and southern Venezuela. Like most cultures they have learned to adapt to their land for survival. They have their own language, and they wear loin cloths over their private parts. This tribe was just discovered in the 1950’s. (Patrizio) The Yanomamo seasons are considered wet and dry seasons. They rely on what they gather as food and shelter. The Yanomamo people hunt, fish and gather fruits. They are known to hunt wild pigs, monkeys, tapirs, armadillos, birds and rodents. (Patrizio). Palm fruits, bananas, and honey are the most desired crops that are gathered. The Yanomamo tribes like small streams and creeks, they attend to avoid big rivers. The Yanomamo tribes think very highly of aggressive men, because they seem fearless and they tend to imitate enemies. The Yanomamo tribes first start to show their aggression by using lengthy speeches, if this doesn’t work then they move on to the chest punching. This is familiar to my culture when two people get to arguing, they may continue to get physical. The difference between my culture and the Yanomamo culture is the Yanomamo tribe’s one person stands still while the opponent punches them full force into the chest. Then they switch roles this continues till the one of them collapses or is injured. (ashford). This is different from my culture because in my culture no one stands there, they both fight till one of them is injured, or knocked out. The Yanomamo tribes are naked all except for a cord with a lion cloth around their waste to protect their privates and walk around barefooted. This is different from my culture because in my culture we have

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