Kingsford Charcoal Essay

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1.0 INTRODUCTION The Kingsford Company established itself in USA as a large charcoal manufacturer in the 1920s. Kingsford was purchased by the Clorox Company in 1973 and since then it has represented a substantial portion of the company’s product portfolio. The following report critically reviews the company operations with particular emphasis on marketing strategies. After a thorough evaluation, examination and investigation of Kingsford’s strategies, marketing objectives and approaches are suggested through an application of core concepts, after which a marketing plan can be developed. The report will detail possible strengths and weaknesses of recommended courses of action and how a marketing plan would contribute to the company’s business objectives. 2.0 BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Kingsford charcoal forms a large segment of the Clorox company portfolio, and a decline in overall sales contributed to low stock value for the parent company. The Kingsford brand has proven strong in both market magnetism and competitive advantage, however, outside competition in aligning markets have avowed the need to ‘invest to grow’ the market and improve position or face a formidable future of deteriorating sales. The objective here is to increase profits for the Kingsford company. 2.1 BUSINESS STRATEGIES Increase overall company sales and profit by investing time and resources in growing the market and developing new opportunities for consumers. An increase in Kingsford profits will have a positive effect for overall company growth targets. 2.2 MARKETING OBJECTIVES Following corporate objectives, increase sales through marketing inventiveness to raise the profile of the charcoal grilling market as a whole. Using the market research conducted and data collected, focus on the consumer and channel partners and exploit opportunities to better satisfy the needs of this
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