Kings Road Essay

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KING’S ROAD, Chelsea King’s Road is the major street stretching through Chelsea and Fulham, it is about 2 miles long starting at Slone Square Station and ending at Waterford Road. King’s Road obtained its name because until 1830 it was a private road used by King Charles II who usually travelled to Kew, along this road we can observe many historical houses inhabited by people important to society, who contributed to King Road with arts, design, business, etc. (walking Chelsea, YouTube) Peter Jones opened his shop in 1936 and it was the most modern building at time and it is a Grade II listed building in the United Kingdom. Peter Jones nowadays looks old compared to contemporary buildings but still boasts its sobriety and classiness; its displays are magical, they tell us a beautiful story each season. (Figure1) The stores are colourful, exclusive and elegant, the sales assistants treat you depending on your appearance and purchasing power. People who live in this area are educated and elegant, their looks is subtle and sometimes they are kinder than middle-class or low-class people. These features make it easy to recognise who does not live in this area, for instance, there are not many homeless, I could see just one in front of Peter Jones and everyone who passed ignored him nevertheless, some well-dressed people gave him some money. The glamour can be felt anywhere, walking through King’s Road, a small cafe caught my attention, it is inside a mall and has chairs outside , the chairs are not expensive, it is something you can notice immediately but the way how they are decorated with soft colours, delicate texture and design, it is something that makes you feel relaxed. (Figure 2) In the 18th century a French family immigrated to London and settled down on King’s Road and started a business, they decided to redecorate it with statues and now it is the most
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