Kingdom Animalia Essay

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 Chordates (vertebrates)  Chondrichthyes o No bone, made of cartilage o No swim bladder o Aquatic o Eg. Whales, sharks, stingrays  Osteichthyes o Bones o Aquatic o Eg. Fish  Amphibia o Lungs o Gas exchange through skin o Aquatic and terrestrial o Damp environments o Eg. Frogs, toads  Reptilia o Mostly terrestrial o Ectotherms o Eggs with soft leathery shell o Eg. Crocodiles, snakes etc.  Aves o Terrestrial endotherms o Have wings o Eggs with hard shell o Gas exchange by air sacs o Eg. Penguins, kiwi etc.  Mammalia o Endotherms with hair/fur o Mammary glands o External ears o Diaphragm o Monotremes (egg laying mammals) o Marsupials (pouch, live young) o Placental (live young, placenta)  Porifera o Lack organs o Aquatic o Asexual reproduction by budding o Eg. Sponge  Adaptations: Attached to sea floor, so they don’t get blown away (behavioral). Possess spikes for supported protection. Pores allow water in and out. (Structural) Capable of regeneration (physiological).  Cnidaria o Two basic body forms: Medusa and Polyp o Aquatic o Eg. Jellyfish, sea anemones  Adaptations: Nematocysts (stinging cells – structural). Some stick to sea bed (behavioral). Some aggregate (come together) in colonies (behavioral). Bell contraction causes movement (physiological).  Annelida o Cylindrical o Segmented body o Move using parapodia (skin appendages – structural) o Eg. Earthworms  Mollusca o Unsegmented o Radula (rasping tongue – structural) o Some have hard shell to protect (structural) o Eg. Snails, squids, mussels Some characteristics are better to use because they are well differentiated and clearly distinguished that makes them easier to classify compared to the other characteristics that are not clearly distinguished. (Give

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