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Compare and contrast the ways in which the authors of The Last Night and King Schahriar and His Brother portray a ‘last night’ under a tyrannous regime. The Arabian Nights is a collection of Middle Eastern and South Asian stories, as well as ‘Folktales’ compiled in Arabic during the Islamic Golden Age. The extract was translated from Arabic to English over a thousand years ago, and King Schahriar and his brother set the plot throughout the book. The text addresses and refers to universal concerns as love, death, happiness, and fate. As well as exploring questions about how to live in a world that contains both good and evil. These opposites are shown by King Schahrair and his brother, who are tyrannical and kind rulers respectively. The king gets a wife everyday, and kills her the next morning, which leads to each lady having a ‘last night’ However, on the other hand, The Last Night, from Charlotte Gray, was written much more recent, and already was written and published in English, which means that the text and the extracts didn’t have to be translated, so all deeper meanings and understandings are as mentioned in the book. Charlotte Gray was written in France, in the 1940’s, during the Second World War. It deals with the themes of memory and loss. (Not memory loss. Memory AND loss, like a pet, or a relative). The piece describes the pain suffered, and the entire struggle the boys and men went thought while waiting for transportation to the ‘final destination’. A very tense atmosphere is created for the reader while the story was being described. As you can see from the introduction, both have a last night theme to it. The two texts are spanned over a thousand years, and two continents, and written in two different languages, very different impressions are created, but the theme is the same. The Arabian text, passed down aurally through generations,

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