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Celina Vaccaro Ms. Jackson World History, Pd. 3 5/24/13 Phillip II King Phillip of Spain, also known as Phillip the Prudent, ruled one of the world’s largest empires. His reign as Spain’s king began the Golden Age, a period of great cultural growth in literature, music and visual arts. He had a love of music and art. King Phillip II lived from 1527-1598. He inherited the Kingdoms of Spain, Naples, and the Netherlands from his father, Charles V. Philip received his education in Spain. From his earliest years Philip showed not must interest in becoming a ruler, but more of a student. Spanish royals adored him but other royals found he was a bit promiscuous when it came to women. He married princess Maria of Portugal. She died two years later, after giving birth to Don Carlos. However he remarried Queen Mary of England. She died two years later suddenly. Then he tried to persuade her sister, Elizabeth I, to marry him – his plan failed. Although, he is considered a ‘villain’ to some, his morals were not considered bad to the average person, he just reigned through a tough time in history, and had to make tough decisions. Even considered as a villain, he remarried to Isabella of Portugal, who were first cousins. He resided in Netherlands for first 3 years of reign. But then he permanently moved his court to Spain. The Dutch rebellion and the Spanish Armada are the two conflicts Philip II is most well known for, but they were only a few of the ongoing conflicts during his reign and he was also known for dealing with constant wars with France was also a serious problem for Spain. Wars with France lasted from the years 1551 to 1559. So, Phillip II dealt with wars constantly through his reign. Around the time that Phillip, was elected king and took his rightful place on the throne, the Ottoman Empire was threatening attacks of invasion. Philip formed a Christian

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