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Kings of Jazz (Paul Whiteman & Louis Armstrong) Moderator: First, Let me thank you both for being here with me tonight. I am extremely grateful to have this opportunity to talk to and learn a little more about the Kings of Jazz. Moderator: Mr. Whiteman, Where were you born? Paul Whiteman: I was born in Denver Colorado Moderator: At what age did you become interested in music? Paul Whiteman: I think I was born into music. I came from a musical family. My mother was an opera singer and my father was the music head for the Denver Public Schools. I had no choice but to love and appreciate music. I began to study it at the young age of seven. At the age of seventeen I joined the Denver Symphony Orchestra as a violinist. Moderator: In the music world, what do you feel you are best known for? Paul Whiteman: I would have to say I’m best known for my blending of symphonic music and jazz. Moderator: Why do you think the media referred to you as “The King of Jazz”? Paul Whiteman: I approached the already well-established style of music by orchestrating the best of it, with formal written arrangements Moderator: Mr. Whiteman, It’s been said that your main focus was money not music. Is this correct? Paul Whiteman: Yes, I was primarily as businessman, entrepreneur. My main objective was to make money and I wanted to make it doing what I loved, making music! Moderator: Mr. Armstrong, Where were you born? Louis Armstrong: I was born and raised in New Orleans. Moderator: At what age did you become interested in music? Louis Armstrong: I attended Fisk School for boys as a child and that is where my early exposure to music came from. As a youngster, I hung out in dance halls where I observed everything from licentious dancing to the quadrille. For extra money I hauled coal to Storyville, the famed red-light district, and listened to the bands

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