King Midas Essay

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KING MIDAS AND THE GOLDEN TOUCH Cast FemalesAthena Queen Hera Aphrodite Demeter Aurora Artemis Thetis Marygold Narrator | MalesHades Poseidon Zeus Dionysus Hermes King Midas Guard Silenus Gardener Callisto | Narrator: One of the greatest writers of the ancient world was the Roman poet Ovid. He loved the Greek myths so much that he wrote a long chronicle of many of these myths in his most famous work The Metamorphoses. The following play is taken from Ovid's marvelous collection. It is based on the legendary king of Phrygia (which is present day country of Turkey) who was supposedly the richest person to ever live. This tale is called King Midas and the Golden Touch. King Midas loved gold more than anything else in the world. He valued his royal crown because it was composed of that precious metal. King Midas loved his daughter and wished to bequeath her the most immense pile of yellow glistening coin that had ever been heaped together since the world was made. Hera: It has been a long time since I have had such a splendid time on Mt. Olympus. What did you think of the banquet Athena? Athena: It was quite delightful, Queen Hera. Prometheus claims that fire is the greatest gift that humans have. What do you say to this, Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty? Aphrodite: Well, I disagree with Prometheus. I think the greatest gift is beauty. Well, neither of your boasts impresses me because I have an entire island that is sacred to me. No doubt you have heard of Cyprus, the large green isle off the coast of Asia. It is like a green jewel, lush in crops, and surrounded by the foamy aqua waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Like me, it is famous for its beauty. What could be more welcome than a gorgeous flower or an attractive face? But I disagree. Wealth does not matter if you don't have love and friends. Hera: Aphrodite, your island of Cyprus may

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