King Merlin Research Paper

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Although King Arthur achieved fame and stature through his incredible thinking abilities, Merlin truly gave rise to his greatness. Arthur’s journey starts when he goes on his first quest to find his brother and him, a tutor. Arthur was not born great and he was not great because he died. He faced many challenges and vanquished many evils in order to achieve his greatness as a king. Nothing lasts forever and as all things must come to an end so did Arthur’s reign; however, his untimely demise was a great tragedy for even Merlin could not predict the true gravity of the situation. Arthur required Merlin to complete the laudable tasks of the Round Table and the ability to think; nonetheless, no help could have prevented his inevitable death.…show more content…
Kay, his brother, wanted to go hawking and Arthur being the younger of the two, thought it would be quite fun. Unfortunately, the boys were having trouble with the hawk and before long the hawk had escaped the two boys’ grasp and was on an adventure of his own. At the first signs of dark, Kay turned back saying the hawk was lost to the forest. Arthur was not so easily evaded though, and continued to follow the hawk. It was not until morning when all signs of the hawk were gone and Arthur was lost then he happened upon a cottage where he met an old magician named Merlin. Merlin, a wizard who lives backwards in time, followed the boy home after helping him find the hawk. The wizard became his teacher. The lessons Merlin taught were no ordinary lessons, but the lost teachings from the womb. When a baby enter this world they have under went a transformation from something very small and insignificant to a human baby, they of course don’t remember this transformation and that is why Merlin’s teachings were so eccentric. He made Arthur or as then called Wart undergo this very same transformation only he was a boy and he could remember it all. For this reason Merlin did not accompany Wart on most of his journeys. Wart had been told it was because he needed to learn on his own which was true but Merlin had a deeper agenda. Merlin’s plan all along was to teach Arthur how to think, that way when faced with problems in later life he would have a chance to make the right
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