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King Louis XIV King Louis XIV of France had an impact on France and the French people. King Louis XIV was an unruly ruler of France over the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. He loved having all the power to himself and not trusting any other people. King Louis XIV believed in absolutism, which is the belief in an almighty Monarch to rule the country. King Louis could be considered a very destructive monarch to France’s reputation and to France itself. Overall King Louis XIV impacted France by taking away French rights, keeping all of the power to him, and killing the economy. King Louis XIV took away many rights from the people of France. When Louis was very young there was a rebellion against the progression of the next monarch called the Fronde Rebellion. He saw fighting of a civil war first hand, which caused Louis horror (Historic World Leaders). King Louis XIV saw some disturbing images of people that caused distrust in people when he grew up. Since King Louis XIV could not trust his people he did not think the deserved rights. Eventually Louis rescinded the Edict of Milan, which gave rights of freedom of religion to the French people (Encyclopedia). Louis sent a bad message to the people of France who were of different religions than Catholicism. He was basically saying he did not welcome them in France if the were not his own Religion. This severely angered the people of France. Although Louis said he thought the edict being nullified would help unite the country by making everyone on religion (Encyclopedia). Louis had a bad impact on France by taking away rights from the citizens of France. King Louis XIV kept all of the power to himself. King Louis XIV was a man of the Absolutism party. He believed in only high power to the monarch and no other power, especially parliament. He also believed in the divine right,

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