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Eduardo Date 9/18/2012 Professor. Alma Aguilar King Leonidas I In the city of a Sparta is a statue of a legend that left behind and attributed a vast of history of a king who was recognized and feared by always getting all he wanted even if the methods were deviant. Respected for keeping his head up in the worst of the challenges he faced. The name of this icon was Leonidas, a king from the ancient Sparta who was a fierce leader and showed the world what it needs to gain the respect of its people. Personal Background Leonidas was born in Greece Peloponnesian Peninsula in 530 B.C. (Leonidas I, par.1) Leonidas was the second son of Spartan King’s Anaxandridas first wife. Leonidas’ mother was his father’s niece. When he was a child, he received very strenuous physical conditioning for many years of military training, trying to reach to the top of the martial perfection to hone his warrior’s skills. One in a few Spartan kings received this harsh training. Attending the agoge was where all Spartans had to go in order to be suitable for their citizenship. He was not the heir to his father’s throne when his father Anaxandridas passed away, the throne came upon Cleomenes his half-brother. He also had another half-brother who was Dorieus (Leonidas 1, par.4) Cleomenes and Dorieus where Anaxandridas children from his second wife. Leonidas relationship with his brother was unknown, but he married Gorgo which was Cleomenes daughter before he came to the throne in 490 B.C. (Leonidas 1, par.5) Political Contributions and Achievements Leonidas was respected in Sparta, it was not by his often effective but not morally decisions, it was to resolve an issue when he felt that somebody or something was trying to hurt Sparta. Leonidas was expected to put an end with some abnormal answer. The training, the form in which his father Anaxandrides raised him pushing the

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