King Lear Essay

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William Shakespeare’s King Lear tells the tale of an authoritative and domineering king which focuses on the relationships of many characters and their good and evil personas. This tragedy speaks of the injustice that befalls the play at the beginning and the conclusion at the end through the restoration of justice. It is a play which speaks of cruelty and righteousness and just deserving. However, it is not until the end of the play that the characters who are moral and virtuous are recognized in that manner. Through actions which are both treacherous and deceitful there undergoes an almost epic battle for power to gain strength and importance. The play’s title character, King Lear and his friend and confidant the Earl of Gloucester both make tremendous judgment errors through the by expelling of their righteous children and the placing of trust in perfidious characters. King Lear’s main plot focuses around the division of the kingdom under Lear‘s rule, and his error about entrusting it unto his daughters who feign a love for their father in order to gain more land than Lear intends while dividing up the territory between his three children. The play’s subplot is based on the Earl of Gloucester's mistake of trusting blindly and without reason. It seems both Gloucester and Lear are naïve to the fact that their greed-forsaken and fallacious children are taking advantage of them, and the children they have turned their backs on have yet to be untrue to them. Virtue speaks for itself in the play through the actions of the characters, and while some of the morals of the characters remains intact through the play, the majority of the characters have lost their ethics and such virtuous principles through the basis of self and others. One such character, Edmund, one of the play’s protagonists, exhibits behavior which makes him seem innately evil. With ulterior

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