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The presence of good is influenced by evil due to the cunning schemes’ in which the evil plots. Lear’s rash nature leads to the banishing of those who genuinely care about him. As well as, he is blinded by his daughters’ deceitful ways, by fooling him into thinking they love him, but really they just want their inheritance. Also, Gloucster shows good being influenced by the presence of evil because Edmund, being the evil one, influenced Gloucster into believing Edgar is plotting his death. The presence of evil is more powerful in King Lear, because Lear and Gloucster have trouble seeing behind the mask in which the evil wears. Lear’s banishes those who care about him due to his rash nature. Both Goneril and Regan know that they had to lie in order to receive a share of the kingdom. The two decide to take initiative before they could be affected. Cordelia tells her sister that the lies and deceit will eventually unfold as time goes on, “Time shall unfold what plighted cunning hides, who covers faults at last with shame derides.” (I.I.325-327) Cordelia lets her sisters know that she is aware of their deceitful ways. It is this test of love which causes Lear to throw out his most beloved daughter Cordelia. When asked how much she loves her father, Cordelia says that she loves him according to her bond no more, no less. This response angers Lear and causes him to disown his Cordelia for her refusal to comply, “Let it be so. Thy truth then be thy dower. For by the sacred radiance of the sun, the mysteries of Hectate and the night, by all the operation of the orbs From whom we do exist, and cease to be; Here I disclaim all my paternal care, Propinquity and property of blood, And as a stranger to my heart and me Hold thee, from this, for ever.” (I.I.120-133) Lear leaves Cordelia with no ties between the two. Kent believes that Lear is wrong and openly tells him so. He

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