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Select three important moments from ‘King Lear’ and discuss how Shakespeare uses language and various dramatic devices to create a sense of tragic atmosphere and a sense of tragic character. In this essay I will select three important moments and discuss how Shakespeare uses language and various kinds of dramatic devices to create a sense of tragic character and a sense of tragic atmosphere. The three moments to critique and analyse will be: Act 2 scene 4, Act scene 6 and Act 5 scene 3. These moments relate to the demise of the King, a decline from hierarchical status to that of a lonely, homeless fool. I believe this in part was caused due to Lear blindly giving everything to his daughters Regan and Goneril whilst banishing Cordelia, falsely believing that love is expressed in the words of Regan and Goneril and not in Cordelia's silence. Moment 1: Act 2 scene 4 At this point King Lear realises his two daughters are using their power against him. They appear to be playing a game with him whilst stripping him of his dignity by questioning why Lear feels he needs one hundred knights. Lear is publicly humiliated when the two daughters vie for the amount of knights they will allow Lear to have. Lear states ‘I gave you all.’ (act 2 scene 4 line 247). By stating this Lear was suggesting that he thought love could be bought, he has blindly linked love with money and anticipated this would be enough. Lear may have been pointing at Regan and Goneril at this point and stating his remark in a hurt and confused tone. The audience would be rejoicing in the fact that Lear has awoken to what has been happening before him. Regan retorts ‘And in good time you gave it’ (act 2 scene 4line 28), suggesting that both her and Goneril have been suppressed and denied basic intrinsic things maybe even indicative of knowing that both her and

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