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Wisdom comes from suffering. That’s what the whole story has been trying to prove for us. Whether it applies to King Lear or to Gloucester, it was obvious that it was true and it had many explanations. The point about wisdom is that Lear with all his power, acted as a fool. On the other hand, the fool who was a servant who’s his main purpose was to entertain the king. However his wisdom was way greater than the king himself. The wisdom at the play was attained at the end of the play, but before that, the character had to bypass intense suffering and tragic events until he can finally grab it and use it. The persons who attained wisdom also showed difference in personality and discovered the truth that been hidden from them. King Lear was the first victim or receiver for wisdom. Lear started the story as arrogant king who blew everything off because of his arrogance and ignorance and lack of thinking. For example, he decided that he will give off his land and divide it into 3 parts. He also decided that he will give a chance to everyone of his daughters to say a speech that according to it, he will see if they love him or not. How ridiculous is a decision like that to be taken from a person with that authority!! Even a kid will know that words are easier than actions and that anyone can make words look nice to be able to pass a certain situation. However, he was a fool at that time and his 2 whores took advantage of his ignorance and took his land. Cordelia, his favored daughter didn’t want to take advantage of him. She told him that she loves him by her soul and not by her words. He told her an importance sentence that can be used to describe his situation. Nothing comes out of nothing. He told her that when she replied with the previous answer. It was true because it explains how his wisdom comes out of all his suffering. That stupid decision that he took

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